Donate to Safina Khalid for Her Hernia Repair Surgery

Donate to Safina Khalid for Her Hernia Repair Surgery

Safia Khalid
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Safina Khalid's Story

Safina Khalid, 41 years old, has experienced health issues for almost 4 years now. She has been diagnosed with a paraumbilical hernia because of which she has been experiencing pain and swelling in the umbilical area as well as vomiting. For permanent relief, the doctors have recommended hernia repair surgery to her but since she cannot afford the surgery, so far she has just been treating the symptoms with pain medication.

“The hospitals we have visited are demanding upwards of 60,000 PKR for my surgery. We barely save 500-1000 PKR a month, and that too when we cut back a lot. It would take years before I can save such a large amount and I cannot stand this pain for that long.” – Safina Khalid

Safina Bibi and her husband have five children who are all currently attending school. Her husband earns 40,000 PKR/ month working at a private food company. This is their only source of income, so Safina and her family have to accommodate all the expenses of seven people in this amount.

Safina cannot afford the charges hospitals are demanding for her surgery. In her desperate search for help, she has reached out to Transparent Hands. Her surgery will be scheduled as soon as her donation campaign gets completed, so we request you to please donate to her today.

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