Donate to Sana Shaban for Her CT Urogram

Donate to Sana Shaban for Her CT Urogram

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Sana Shaban's Story

23-year-old Sana Shaban has a history of kidney issues and is currently presenting with lumbar pain. 5 years ago, she experienced a similar episode of pain and a right kidney stone was discovered to be the underlying reason. She was operated on for the removal of the stone, followed by the insertion of a DJ stent. Sana found relief for a few weeks but the pain resurfaced, so she went back to her doctor. This time, it was discovered that her operated kidney had become non-functional.

For two years following this diagnosis, Sana remained well for the most part, until she started experiencing kidney pain again and it was discovered that her left kidney had developed stones as well. Having exhausted their resources on her previous check-ups, Sana and her family had nothing left to pursue treatment. They had no choice but to delay it till now, when Sana’s condition has become worse and is causing her a lot of pain. According to her doctor, the first order of business is to conduct her CT Urogram, an imaging exam to thoroughly investigate the current state of her kidneys, ureters, and bladder, before proceeding with any sort of treatment.

Sana, her son and husband only rely on her husband’s small salary of 22,000 PKR/month to get by, a major portion of which is consumed by rent. Owing to extreme financial constraints, she has sought the help of Transparent Hands to have her exam conducted.

“I don’t have the option of delaying the inevitable anymore. My health has suffered serious repercussions already and I cannot afford to get sicker. I have a one-year-old who still looks up to me for all his needs. I need to get better for him.” – Sana

We think that Sana deserves immediate, quality medical attention, and to provide that to her, we are requesting your donations. If you wish to contribute, please click Donate Now.

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Sana Shaban's Story

23-year-old Sana Shaban was suffering from lumbar pain. Her basic tests were done which did not yield anything significant. To proceed further, she was advised an investigative procedure called CT urethrogram by her urologist. The procedure was performed in Punjab Radiology & Lab on 6th August 2020. The report revealed that she had a stone in her right kidney. She was treated by Dr. Faisal Zaeem. She has been advised Lithotripsy for treatment of her stone.

“I was in immense pain and could not find out what was wrong with my body. Through your kind donations, I have finally gone through the prescribed investigation.”- Sana Shaban


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