Donate to Sanam Abbas for His Workup for Cancer

Donate to Sanam Abbas for His Workup for Cancer

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Sanam Abbas's Story

Sanam Abbas, 32 years old, is suffering from dysphagia due to esophageal cancer. In this condition, it is difficult to swallow which leads to persistent coughing, choking and the coming up of food in the throat. For diagnostic and staging investigations, he requires endoscopy, a biopsy, and CT scans of the chest and abdominal cavity.

“I cannot eat without choking on my food. I feel like there is a heavy lump in my throat all the time. The doctor said he needs to insert a camera to see what is going on but even that simple procedure would cost me at least 5 of my paychecks. I cannot spare any money. I have 2 small children.” – Sanam Abbas

Working as a laborer in Jhang, Sanam earns at most 12,000 PKR/month to support his family. He lives with his wife and two small children in a rented house which costs him 3000 PKR/month. He and his family have to spend the rest of his paycheck very sparingly in order to survive the whole month and are unable to afford any additional expenditures. This is why Sanam has sought help from Transparent Hands.  

Please donate to Sanam for his medical procedures so his condition can be properly investigated and dealt with.

All contributions matter.

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Sanam Abbas's Story

Sanam Abbas, 36 year old, was suffering from an esophageal tumor and was advised upper GI endoscopy and biopsy. He was admitted by Transparent Hands in Lahore Care Hospital and the procedure was performed by Dr Ibtisam Amjad on 02-06-20. The patient remained admitted for 2 days and was discharged in a stable condition.


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