Donate to Sehrish for Her Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Donate to Sehrish for Her Total Hip Replacement Surgery

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Sehrish Adil's Story

Sehrish Adil, 35 years old, had an unfortunate roadside accident four years ago. Since then, she had pain in her right hip joint. With time, the symptoms got unbearable so she had to visit a local hospital. The doctors conducted a detailed medical examination and she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her right hip joint.  In this condition, the protective cartilage that cushions the bone ends wears down over time. Since, her joint was disrupted irreversibly, the doctor recommended a total hip replacement surgery for her.

However, Sehrish and her husband are not financially stable enough to pay for this major surgery.  She is a housewife and her husband works in a workshop. He earns only PKR 14,000 per month. They are barely able to pay their son’s fee and afford the household expenses in this income.

“I feel excruciating pain in my right hip joint from time to time. It gets so bad that I cannot get up from my bed or perform the daily household chores. When my son calls me to play with him, it breaks my heart to say no to him since I cannot perform any physical activity in this state. I wish I had the financial means to get my surgery done.”– says Sehrish

Since, the surgery cost is too much, the local hospital has refused to facilitate them. As a last resort, they visited our office on a friend’s suggestion. We have taken up Sehrish’s case and request you to donate generously for her total hip replacement surgery. Your small act of kindness may leave a huge impact on her life.

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