Donate to Shamila Bibi for Her Implant Removal

Donate to Shamila Bibi for Her Implant Removal

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Shamila Bibi's Story

“We were on our way to visit my sister-in-law and my children were really excited to see their aunt. We were on a motorcycle. Without any warning whatsoever, out of nowhere, a car crashed straight into us, throwing us all onto the road. My leg got completely mangled and I am still struggling to repair the damage done to it. Thank God my children and husband only had minor injuries because I immediately start crying when I even think about what could have happened to my children had they not been so lucky.” – Shamila Bibi

Shamila Bibi, aged 28 years, and her family had a traumatic accident around 4 years ago in which her right leg sustained heavy damage. She, her husband and children were rushed to a hospital immediately. Fortunately, her husband and children got better with just some basic first aid. Shamila Bibi, on the other hand, had to be immediately taken in for surgery on her injured leg. For repair, a distal femur condylar plate and a proximal tibia plate had to be inserted into the leg, which were scheduled to be removed after a year.

The implant plates, for quite a while, presented no problems so Shamila and her husband ignored the follow-up appointment for three years to avoid the expenses. Recently, however, Shamila started experiencing severe pain in her right leg. When she finally went to the doctor, she was recommended to have the plates removed as soon as possible as they are the reason behind the pain. The implant removal requires another surgery that Shamila Bibi needs urgent financial help with because she has no resources to spare. She has 5 small school-going children and the only breadwinner in the family is her husband, who just earns 22,000 PKR/month.

We are now collecting donations to schedule Shamila’s surgery at the earliest. If you wish to contribute, please donate today!

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Shamila Bibi's Story

Shamila Bibi, 28 years old, presented with pain in her right leg. She had an accident 4 years ago in which she fractured her leg. She was treated by open reduction with plating. She was advised for removal of the plates after 1 year but she did not follow the advice. Now she was advised again for implant removal. Her surgery was performed by Dr. Abdul Latif, in Lahore Care Hospital, on 16-07-20. She remained admitted for 3 days and was discharged in a stable condition.


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