Donate to Shamim Bilal for Her Total Hip Replacement

Donate to Shamim Bilal for Her Total Hip Replacement

Shamim Bilal
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Shamim Bilal's Story

“I tried to delay the operation for as long as I could and prayed for my condition to get better on its own. Unfortunately it has only gotten worse, to the point that I cannot go to the bathroom without support.” – Shamim

Shamim Bilal, 36 years old, started suffering from hip joint problems around 2 years ago. The pain in her right hip gradually increased, stiffening her lower back and hip muscles. At first, despite frequent visits to hospitals, doctors weren’t able to determine the cause of her problem. Eventually, she was known to suffer from osteoarthritis of the right hip joint and recommended to have a total hip replacement, however, she decided to manage her condition with painkillers due to the high cost of the operation. This course of action is proving ineffective now because Shamim’s pain has increased in intensity and she now experiences mobility issues. She cannot improve without a right total hip replacement.

Shamim and her husband, Bilal Ashraf, cannot afford the expenses of her operation. Bilal earns around 10,000 PKR a month by working as a laborer and can hardly meet the basic day-to-day needs of his wife and 2 children with this income. Unable to secure a free appointment at a local hospital or help from relatives, Shamim has now requested Transparent Hands to help her.

Shamim’s operation can be successfully conducted with your financial assistance. To help her walk normally again, please donate to her today.

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Shamim Bilal's Story

34-year-old Shamim Bilal was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her right hip. The orthopedic surgeon recommended a total hip replacement surgery for her. She was admitted and the surgery was performed in Lahore Care hospital by Dr. Abdul Latif on 30.09.2020. Shamim stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a stable condition. She is glad to be relieved from the severe pain that she had been enduring for two years and looks forward to playing with her children.

“I could not walk to the market or climb the stairs in our house, on my own, and needed someone to support me. This surgery has finally enabled me to become my old independent self again.”- Shamim Bibi


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