Donate to Sidra Bibi for Her Cochlear Implant

Donate to Sidra Bibi for Her Cochlear Implant

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Sidra Bibi's Story

6-year-old Sidra Bibi did not respond to her mother’s voice as a baby. Her parents got worried regarding her lack of responsiveness and took her to a doctor when she was around 6 months old. The general physician referred her case to an ENT specialist. The ENT specialist, after complete check-up, diagnosed her with sensorineural hearing loss and recommended that she should get a cochlear implant. It is a surgically implanted neuroprosthetic device that helps in providing a modified sense of sound to a person with moderate to intense sensorineural hearing loss.

But, Sidra’s parents cannot afford this device. Her father is a daily wager and earns only PKR 20,000 per month. They are a family of 5, living in a 4 Marla house that belongs to their grandparents.

“Being a father, I want the best for my children. I feel a profound sense of guilt for not being able to pay for Sidra’s treatment.”- Sidra Bibi’s father

A colleague told him that if he got his daughter registered with Transparent Hands, we would arrange for her surgery to be conducted free of cost. He contacted us and we have reviewed and registered her case.

Sidra Bibi will be able to hear after this surgery. Make a generous donation and change her life forever.

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Sidra Bibi's Story

Sidra Riaz, aged 6 years, has not been able to hear since she was born. When her parents noticed that she was not responding to sounds, they took her to the doctor who diagnosed Sidra’s condition as Sensorineural Hearing Loss. The doctor recommended a Cochlear Implant for Sidra. Therefore, she was referred to National Hospital Lahore and her cochlear implant was installed under the supervision of Dr. Naveed Aslam on 09.06.2021 in her right ear. However this was not the end of her procedure. She was to visit soon for the placement of the external component of the device. For this purpose she visited National Hospital again on 19.07.2021 where the external component of the device was placed. She was discharged the same day. Now, Sidra has started to respond to external sounds and voices. Sidra will start taking her appointments with the speech therapist very soon.

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