Donate to Sohaib Iftikhar for His Ileostomy Closure

Donate to Sohaib Iftikhar for His Ileostomy Closure

Sohaib Iftikhar
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Sohaib Iftikhar's Story

Sohaib Iftikhar, age 8 years, suffered from typhoid fever last year, which led to intestinal perforation, a dangerous complication in which a hole forms in the intestine. He had his first surgery at his local hospital to repair the hole. Failing that, he had another surgery in which his intestinal continuity was interrupted and an ileostomy was made. Now, in order to restore normal gut function, he requires a third and final surgery- an ileostomy reversal.

Due to some administrative issues, Sohaib has been unable to have his third planned surgery at his local hospital. In order to complete his recovery, he needs to have surgery at a private hospital but his family cannot afford the costs. Sohaib’s father works as a daily wager and earns hardly 15,000 PKR a day. He has 5 children to support and since he and his family live as part of a joint family, he also has to contribute to the expenditures of the joint household. Someone informed him of Transparent Hands and he immediately contacted for help for his son’s surgery.

“My son had to give up school because of his condition. The teachers and students mistreated him just because he had an ileostomy bag attached to him. I am hoping that soon enough, his surgery can be conducted, so he can resume his normal life.” – Sohaib’s father.

Make sure your help reaches Sohaib so he can have his surgery soon.

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Sohaib Iftikhar's Story

Sohaib Iftikhar, 8 years old, had his ileostomy made after his emergency surgery for typhoid perforation. He was advised surgery to reverse this ileostomy. His surgery was done in Akram Medical Complex, on 02-05-20 by Dr. Naveed Haider. His ileostomy was closed and intestinal continuity was restored once again. He recovered well in four days of his hospital stay and was discharged in good health.


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