Donate to Tahira Parveen for Her Left Knee Replacement

Donate to Tahira Parveen for Her Left Knee Replacement

Zakat Eligible Left Knee Replacement
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Tahira Parveen's Story

“My mother can barely walk nowadays. If she even stands for a short period of time, her leg starts hurting immensely. We have been trying for several years now to get her replacement procedure done but with our very modest means, we just haven’t been able to save up enough for it despite our best efforts.”- Tahira’s Son, Aqib

Tahira Parveen, 57 years old, is suffering from osteoarthiritis. This has caused her left knee to slowly deteriorate over the years. Now, she has reached a point where even slight weight on the knee causes extreme pain. For Tahira to regain her mobility, a left knee replacement is required. In this procedure, metal and plastic parts will be used to replace the affected knee joint after which, Tahira will be able to walk better.

A knee replacement is a costly procedure. Tahira and her retired husband, Falak Sher, live with their youngest son in a small house in Faisalabad. Her son operates a computer and earns a minimum wage. Apart from that, Falak Sher’s pension brings in only 9000 PKR a month. Counting all the monthly expenses, the family is not left with any savings to spend on Tahira’s procedure.

In their desperate need for help, the family approached Transparent Hands.

Your donations can help Tahira walk painlessly again.

Please contribute whatever you can towards her knee replacement surgery.

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Donated: $ 2,893.43

Tahira Parveen's Story

Tahira Parveen, 57 years old, was suffering from severe osteoartrhritis of her lt. knee. She was advised joint replacement to get her mobility back. She was operated on 13-02-20. In this operation, her total knee replacement (TKR) was done at Maqsooda Zia Hospital, by Dr Dilshad Gill. She recovered well post-operatively and remained admitted for 8 days. She was discharged in a satisfactory condition.

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