Donate to Uzma for Her Subtotal Thyroidectomy

Donate to Uzma for Her Subtotal Thyroidectomy

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Uzma Habib's Story

Uzma Habib, aged 23 years, observed a lump on the front of her neck around ten years ago. She ignored it initially. However, the lump started growing in size and also caused pressure. This alarmed her and she decided to visit a doctor in a local hospital. She was referred to a surgeon. After examination and multiple test report confirmations, her condition was identified as a simple multinodular goiter. Multinodular goiter refers to an enlarged thyroid gland which has multiple nodules. The treating physician advised a subtotal thyroidectomy for her. In this surgical procedure, the surgeon leaves a small part of the thyroid gland to preserve the thyroid function. 

Uzma has suffered for ten years and desperately wants the surgery. However, her family is going through a very tough time financially. They cannot afford an expensive surgery at the moment. Her husband works in a sanitary shop and earns only PKR 15000 per month. This income is hardly enough to manage their monthly household expenses.

“My husband has been very stressed lately. He feels extremely guilty for not being able to pay for my surgery. It breaks my heart to see him so stressed.”– said Uzma

On mentioning her family’s situation to a friend, she was told about Transparent Hands. Uzma got herself immediately registered. We have promised to help her in her time of need. But, we cannot do it on our own. Your help is crucial in this process. Therefore, we request you to make a generous donation for Uzma’s thyroidectomy. 

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