Donate to Yashwa Kashif for His Herniotomy

Donate to Yashwa Kashif for His Herniotomy

Yashwa Kashif
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Yashwa Kashif's Story

“Yashwa is the light of our lives. He is everyone’s favorite in the family because he is such a sweet little boy. Despite being in pain, he spreads nothing but joy. No one deserves to remain untreated for so long, least of all my innocent little brother.” Yashwa’s elder sister.

Yashwa Kashif, 11 years old, started developing swelling, pain, and irritability in his left inguinal area at the age of 3. He was diagnosed with a left hernia and was advised surgery, left herniotomy, to fix it. However, he has been living with this uncomfortable condition for almost 8 years because owing to his family’s financial constraints, he cannot have the surgery.

Yashwa is the youngest in the line of 5 children. He has three elder sisters and one brother. His father, Kashif Sadiq, is a mason and earns 8000 PKR a month. His mother is a housemaid, earning a salary of around 4000 PKR per month. The family is living in a rented house so out of a collective income of 12,000 PKR, 4000 PKR are spent just on rent, leaving very little for even basic day-to-day essentials.

Yashwa’s parents, though both hardworking earners, cannot arrange for the cost of their son’s surgery. They have registered their son’s case with Transparent Hands and earnestly request your help.

This 11-year-old boy should not have to keep suffering just because of a lack of resources.

Help him today by donating to him.

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Yashwa Kashif's Story

Yashwa, 11 years old, was experiencing pain in his left inguinal area since the age of 2 years, with the swelling gradually increasing and causing irritability. He was diagnosed with a left inguinal hernia. He was operated in Abid Hospital on 04-06-2020, by Dr. Faisal Usman. His left inguinal herniotomy was done successfully. He was discharged after a stay of 3 days in the hospital, pain-free.


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