Donate to Zahir Shah for His Spine Surgery

Donate to Zahir Shah for His Spine Surgery

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Zahir Shah's Story

One month ago, 46-year-old Zahir Shah fell from a wall and injured his back. Not realizing the severity of his injury, he rested for a few days and then went back to his work as a truck driver. Soon, his backache returned stronger than before, and started radiating to his right leg, causing periodic numbness and tingling along with it. He also started experiencing urinary urgency and perianal numbness. Despite pain medication, his symptoms only worsened. When his spinal MRI was carried out, the reports showed a prolapsed disc and severe stenosis. In order to find relief from this painful condition, Zahir requires multiple neurosurgeries- laminectomy, discectomy, and bilateral foraminotomy.

Before this accident, Zahir earned a small amount of money each month to support his wife and three small kids. Even while he had a job, the family lived hand to mouth and the children couldn’t attend school because Zahir could not afford the fees. Because of the accident, he has been unable to work and does not have any source of income for his wife and children whatsoever. The house that they live in had been granted to them by Zahir’s employer but now that he cannot work anymore due to his condition, his family is also under the threat of losing their home.

Zahir has appealed to Transparent Hands for help with his surgeries, so he can finally be pain-free and go back to work.

“My back keeps getting worse every day and I am now unable to do even basic tasks without feeling a shooting pain. I have three small kids. My eldest is only 10. They depend on their father for sustenance. I cannot let them down by becoming bed-ridden. I need to get my health back for them and them alone.” – Zahir

Please donate to him to improve his situation.

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Zahir Shah's Story

Zahir Shah, 45 years old, presented with severe backache radiating to the legs for the last month. He was diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome due to compression at L5- S1 level and was advised surgery for decompression. His surgery was done in Lahore Care Hospital, by Dr. Ibrar Khan, on 08-05-20. His laminectomy and discectomy were done along with foraminotomies. He stayed for 4 days in the hospital with good post-operative recovery and was discharged pain-free.


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