Donate to Zaid Ali for His Ear Surgery

Donate to Zaid Ali for His Ear Surgery

Zaid Ali
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Zaid Ali 's Story

16-year-old Zaid Ali started experiencing acute onset ear pain 5 years ago. He took some treatment from his local Hakim but it did not alleviate the pain and it only increased. Then, he was taken to the village doctor who gave him ear drops for temporary relief. He diagnosed Zaid with a cholesteatoma, a non-cancerous growth that can form behind the eardrum because of a perpetual middle-ear infection. A permanent solution for this condition is a surgery known as a mastoidectomy.

“This started back when he was 11. He was often sent back from school because he would be crying in class, clutching his ear. I have been through an ear infection so I know how excruciating ear pain can be. It makes you nauseous and dizzy and my little boy has been going through that for years” – Zaid’s mother.

Zaid’s father works as a daily wager and makes around 20,000 PKR/month. Apart from Zaid, he has 4 other children, one of whom is married and living separately. The rest of them all depend on his income. Along with the daily expenses of his family, Zaid’s father also has to pay 7000 PKR/month in rent as he does not own a house of his own. Such limited finances do not allow him to arrange for his son’s operation so he has registered with Transparent Hands, hoping to find help.

To lend Zaid your assistance and ensure he is out of pain, please donate generously for his ear surgery today.

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Zaid Ali 's Story

Zaid Ali, 16 years old, was diagnosed with chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) and cholesteatoma (right ear). The doctor advised a mastoid exploration surgery for him. After being admitted to the hospital, his surgery was performed by Dr. Sami Mumtaz on 28.08.2020 at National Hospital and Medical Center. He was discharged in a stable condition after three days of hospital stay and was instructed to make a visit to the hospital for regular follow up.

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