Donate to Zuhaib Aitbaar for His Tonsillectomy

Donate to Zuhaib Aitbaar for His Tonsillectomy

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Zuhaib Aitbaar's Story

Tonsillitis is characterized by inflamed tonsils, the inflammation happening at a rapid pace. The condition can create immense discomfort for the patient suffering from it. From trouble in swallowing to enlargement of lymph nodes, it can make the life of a person suffering from this condition miserable, and that is putting things mildly. 9-year-old Zuhaib from District Mardan will tell you the same! Zuhaib became a victim of tonsillitis when he was just three years old. Since then, it has been nothing short of a nightmare, the life that this innocent angel has lived.

It is not as if the kid’s family has not tried to alleviate his sufferings. Their final attempt was partially successful when the doctors told them there was a surgical procedure through which Zuhaib’s problem can be solved. Tonsillectomy, the surgical method of removing the palatine tonsils, is what doctors recommended in Zuhaib’s case. But like most surgical procedures, tonsillectomy is an expensive treatment. For a father who has to provide for his family living in a 4-marla house through daily wages, a surgical procedure such as this one is like an oasis far away in the desert! Zuhaib’s family paints a sad picture:

“We didn’t know how to react to the news the E.N.T gave us. Relieved that there did exist a treatment that could put an end to our son’s constant misery? Frustrated because the family can’t afford it because of the lower financial status? We are banking on Transparent Hands in this time of crisis, and as a family, we would be overwhelmed by any little support coming our way!

A kid’s future can be rid of misery and filled with happiness if you decide to donate for Zuhaib’s tonsillectomy!

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Zuhaib Aitbaar's Story

Zuhaib Aitbaar Gul, 9 years old, was diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis and was advised a tonsillectomy surgery. For this purpose, he was admitted in Ahmed Medical Complex and the surgery was performed by Dr. Syed Mudassir Shah on 01.10.2020. Zuhaib’s inflamed tonsils were successfully removed. He stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a stable condition. His throat is finally gone forever.

“Zuhaib has been having a sound sleep at night since his surgery. Before, he always had interrupted sleep due to throat ache and difficulty in breathing. He is also able to swallow solid foods now.”- Zuhaib’s mother


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