Empower Aslam with a Prosthetic Limb

Empower Aslam with a Prosthetic Limb

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Muhamad Aslam's Story

Muhammad Aslam, a 67-year-old resident of Khushab, had his life dramatically altered by a devastating road traffic accident. The accident left him with a severely crushed leg, necessitating its amputation. After undergoing initial evaluation and receiving first aid, Muhammad found himself in need of a prosthesis to regain his mobility. Someone recommended Transparent Hands as a potential source of assistance.

The procedure performed on Aslam was a left below-knee amputation, aimed at addressing the crushed leg injury. As a daily wage earner with a monthly income of only 15,000 PKR, the financial burden of acquiring a prosthetic limb appears insurmountable for Muhammad. His precarious financial situation, combined with the loss of his leg, has placed immense strain on him and his family.

In Muhammad’s own words:

“The loss of my leg has been a profound physical and emotional setback. It feels as though a part of me is missing, and even the simplest act of walking has become an arduous challenge. I humbly implore your compassion and kindness to help me obtain the above-knee prosthesis. Your support will not only restore my ability to walk but also provide me with an opportunity to contribute to my family’s well-being and rebuild my life.”

We have taken up Muhammad’s case with unwavering determination to assist him. However, this mission cannot be accomplished without the generous support of individuals like you. Your contribution towards Muhammad’s prosthesis will make an enormous difference in his life, enabling him to regain mobility and pursue his aspirations.

Together, we can empower Aslam to walk with confidence, engage in daily activities, and embrace a future filled with possibilities. Donate today and become a part of Muhammad’s uplifting story as he forges ahead on his path to a life of newfound potential.

Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.

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Muhamad Aslam's Story

Muhammad Aslam, a 67-year-old resident of Khushab, experienced a life-altering event when he was involved in a devastating road traffic accident. The accident resulted in a severely crushed leg, leaving no choice but to amputate it. Aslam underwent an initial evaluation and received first aid, he soon realized that he would need a prosthesis to regain his mobility. Fortunately, someone recommended Transparent Hands as a potential source of assistance, offering a glimmer of hope in his challenging circumstances.

Under the compassionate care of Dr. Khalid at the Hope Rehabilitation Centre, Aslam received a prosthetic leg on February 27, 2024. The moment he took his first steps with the new leg, a rush of joy overwhelmed him. It was a profound emotional response, as he regained a part of what he had lost. The significance of this milestone was immeasurable.

The impact of the artificial leg on Muhammad Aslam's life was nothing short of transformative. Before receiving the prosthesis, he faced immense challenges in performing everyday tasks. His inability to work exacerbated the financial strain on his family, adding to their worries. Simple movements often required assistance, highlighting his dependence on others and taking a toll on his self-esteem and confidence.

However, the prosthetic leg marked a turning point in Aslam's life. It restored his ability to walk, which not only improved his physical outlook but also gave a significant boost to his emotional well-being. With his mobility restored, Aslam could once again engage in meaningful work and contribute to his family's livelihood. The burden on his loved ones was alleviated, and he experienced a renewed sense of purpose and independence.

Overwhelmed by the generosity and support he received from Transparent Hands, Muhammad Aslam found it difficult to fully express the depth of his appreciation. Their intervention had not only provided him with a life-changing prosthetic leg but also restored his hope and dignity. With a heart filled with gratitude

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