Ensuring a Safe Delivery for Rasheeda

Ensuring a Safe Delivery for Rasheeda

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Rasheeda Begum's Story

Rasheeda Begum, a 41-year-old resident of Karachi, is currently seven months pregnant and has received medical advice from her doctor that she will require a C-section within the next two months. She is a devoted housewife, and her husband works as a daily wager and earns just PKR 25,000 monthly. However, this amount is simply not enough to cover the costs of the necessary medical treatment. With Rasheeda’s previous history of delivering her four children through C-sections, ensuring the safe delivery of her fifth child is of utmost importance.

She sought professional medical advice at a local hospital, where her doctor emphasised the need for a C-section due to medical considerations and the risks associated with normal delivery. However, Rasheeda and her husband find themselves in a challenging financial situation, unable to afford the medical expenses required for the procedure.

Rasheeda Begum, with a heartfelt plea, shares:

“As a mother, my greatest desire is to ensure the well-being and safety of my unborn child. I have already experienced the joys and challenges of delivering my previous children through C-sections. However, this time, I find myself in a difficult situation, unable to bear the financial burden of the necessary medical treatment. With your help and support, I can undergo the C-section and welcome my fifth child into this world with peace of mind and joy in my heart. “

Rasheeda’s plea for assistance echoes the urgency of her situation. She reached out to Transparent Hands, and we are determined
to make a world of difference, ensuring that Rasheeda receives the necessary medical care for a safe delivery. By coming together as a community, we can offer Rasheeda and her family the support they desperately need during this crucial time. Let us join hands and contribute towards providing Rasheeda with the best medical care she requires, allowing her to embrace the gift of motherhood with peace, happiness, and the assurance of a healthy delivery.

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