Get Adnan Zafar Back on His Feet

Get Adnan Zafar Back on His Feet

Adnan Zafar
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Adnan Zafar's Story

Adnan Zafar had been feeling pain in his leg for the last seven years. At first, he did not pay any heed to the continual pain and discomfort. Whenever the pain increased, he visited local hospitals here and there and took painkillers for temporary relief.  Later, the swelling and pain started to restrict his mobility. And soon after, he was unable to walk without wincing in pain. In brief, we are telling you all these details because only your financial support can get Adnan Zafar back on his feet. 

Later, upon consistent pain and discomfort, Adnan Zafar went through a thorough check-up upon which the doctor found out a cancerous tumor on his leg. Due to late diagnosis, the only option left was amputating the leg from the body. The doctors performed an above-knee amputation to free him from cancer. 

Now, The doctor has recommended him to get an above Knee Leg Prosthesis. In this, the surgeon will attach an artificial limb to his body to restore his regular walking. In brief, this artificial limb will get Adnan Zafar back on his feet. Therefore, Adnan Zafar spent his days hovering on crutches to seek an artificial leg for himself. He visited several local hospitals but the cost of the treatment was way beyond his affordability. 

“It has only been 7 months since I lost my leg but I feel as if I have spent an entire lifetime hovering on crutches. It seems as if I have no ground to hold onto anymore. I am floating like an autumn leaf caught in a thunderstorm. Please help me get back on my feet. I am at my wit’s end. Transparent Hands is my only hope left.” -Adnan Zafar 

Through someone’s help, Adnan Zafar registered his case with Transparent Hands. Only your financial help can help us get Adnan Zafar back on his feet. Just click the donate now button given below and send immediate help to Adnan Zafar. 

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Adnan Zafar's Story

33-year-old Adnan Zafar’s right leg was amputated below the knee because of tumor. He was advised a below knee prosthesis for it. His below-knee prosthetic leg was fixed by Dr. Khalid Niazi on 06.10.2020 at Hope Rehabilitation Center. The prosthetic leg has considerably improved his quality of life as he is more independent now.

“My prosthetic leg has helped me become more independent. I can walk long distances now without any support. The sense of liberation that I feel is indescribable.”- Adnan Zafar told us

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