Give for Zohan’s VSD Closure Surgery

Give for Zohan’s VSD Closure Surgery

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Zohan Ahmed's Story

Zohan is a delicate little boy who is in a critical health condition due to a heart defect. Without the necessary surgery, his heart condition will continue to worsen, and his life will be at even greater risk. Unfortunately, his father cannot afford the cost of the surgery. Bring hope to his father in this gloomy time. Please consider and give for Zohan’s VSD Closure Surgery and give him a chance to live a healthy and happy life. Every contribution can make a difference, no matter how small. Together, we can save his ailing heart.

One-year-old Zohan Ahmed, a resident of Rahim Yar Khan, has been suffering from cyanosis, dyspnea, and an increased heart rate on mild exertion since birth. His parents recently noticed his deteriorating health and took him to a nearby hospital. After running some diagnostic tests and a thorough evaluation, the cardiologist diagnosed him with a ventricular septal defect (VSD). The cardiac surgeon advised him to undergo Open-Heart surgery for VSD closure.

He lives in a joint family with eight family members. His father earns only PKR 30,000 per month. The cost of the surgery is beyond his means, and he is seeking support from you to help save his son’s life. His father said in despair:

“I am filled with immense sorrow as I see my little boy suffer. His pain is beyond words, and it breaks my heart. I humbly reach out to you, with tears in my eyes, to kindly ask for your support in my son’s cardiac surgery. Your help would mean the world to us.”

His parents contacted Transparent Hands to register his case. We are determined to provide him with the best treatment. However, we need your support to do so. Be a source of hope for this helpless and desperate family. Your donation can prolong his life significantly. We ask you to give for Zohan’s VSD Closure Surgery to give him a second chance at life.

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Zohan Ahmed's Story

Zohan Ahmed, a one-year-old resident of Rahim Yar Khan, has endured a challenging journey marked by cyanosis, dyspnea, and an increased heart rate on mild exertion since birth. Concerned about their child's deteriorating health, his parents wasted no time and immediately sought medical assistance at a nearby hospital. Following a series of diagnostic tests and a thorough evaluation, the cardiologist delivered the heart-wrenching news: Zohan was diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect (VSD). The only viable solution to save his precious life was Open-Heart Surgery for VSD closure, as advised by the cardiac surgeon.

However, the cost of the surgery stood as an insurmountable barrier for Zohan's family. Living in a joint family of eight members, Zohan's father earned a modest income of only PKR 30,000 per month. Desperate to secure their son's future, Zohan's parents reached out to Transparent Hands, seeking support and registering his case.

With unwavering determination and the invaluable support of Transparent Hands, Zohan was admitted to Ittefaq Hospital in Lahore. On September 18, 2023, the skilled hands of Dr. Asim Khan performed a successful operation, which involved median sternotomy and VSD closure. Zohan received comprehensive care during his five-day hospital stay, ensuring a smooth and successful recovery.

This extraordinary success story serves as a powerful testament to the life-saving impact of Transparent Hands. Through their unwavering support, the overwhelming burden faced by Zohan's family was alleviated, enabling him to receive the critical treatment he desperately needed.

Zohan's journey exemplifies the resilience and strength of the human spirit. The compassionate contributions from Transparent Hands, Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation, and their donors not only granted Zohan a second chance at life but also instilled hope and inspiration within his family. Their acts of kindness and generosity showcased the remarkable impact that can be achieved when individuals unite to make a difference. 

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