Help Amna to Overcome Uterine Fibroids

Help Amna to Overcome Uterine Fibroids

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Amna Nazir's Story

Amna Nazir, aged 39 and living in Lahore, faces a tough battle against uterine fibroids. These benign tumors develop within the uterus. To address her condition and improve her quality of life, her healthcare provider has recommended undergoing Myomectomy surgery. This procedure specifically targets and removes the fibroids. It is a crucial step towards her healing journey and overall well-being. The surgery aims to alleviate her symptoms and restore her health.

However, Amna’s financial circumstances present a significant hurdle, as she works as a maid in a primary school, earning a modest monthly income of approximately PKR 5,000. Living in her own house with her father, an auto driver, and her mother, she struggles to meet their monthly expenses. She also had to pay PKR 8,000 for utility bills along with groceries, which left no room for savings. Her family had no other source of income. Due to these expenses and her limited income, she cannot afford the surgical expenses. Amna shares her plea, “I’m in so much pain and feeling unsure because of my uterine fibroids. Your help could give me a chance at a better, healthier life.”

Recognizing the urgency and significance of Amna’s surgery for her overall well-being, she turns to Transparent Hands. Transparent Hands has taken up her case, aiming to bridge the gap between Amna’s financial constraints and the transformative treatment she desperately needs.

Amna Nazir’s journey has been marred by the burdens of her physical health, casting a shadow on her daily life and well-being. The weight of her condition, coupled with the financial struggles, has created a barrier to accessing vital medical intervention. Your support and generosity can break this cycle of suffering. Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a tremendous difference in restoring hope, health, and joy to Amna’s life. Amna has placed her trust in you, and, we can collectively create a brighter and healthier future for her.

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