Help Bilal with Cochlear Implant Repair

Help Bilal with Cochlear Implant Repair

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Bilal Khan 's Story

Bilal underwent cochlear implant surgery. The surgery has opened up a new world for him. It also brought a ray of hope, joy, and relief into Bilal’s life. His family also wants to see their son grow and thrive in life. But, unfortunately, the external component of the cochlear implant has malfunctioned now, and the family cannot afford to pay for the repair. We request that you support and help Bilal with cochlear implant repair. 

Seven-year-old Bilal, a resident of Dir, KPK, had been suffering from sensorineural hearing loss since birth. His cochlear implant surgery was performed two years ago. But unfortunately, the external component of his cochlear implant was broken accidentally and needed repair to work effectively along with the internal component. Without a functional cochlear implant, Bilal would struggle to hear sounds, including speech, making it challenging to understand and communicate with others. This would affect his social interactions and hinder his academic and personal development.

He lives with his parents and four siblings. His father is a laborer and earns just PKR 35,000 monthly. He is not financially stable to afford the cost of cochlear repair. He said in a depressed tone:

“I am reaching out to you with a heavy heart, seeking your support in funding my son’s cochlear implant repair.”

His father contacted Transparent Hands to request financial assistance for his son’s cochlear implant repair. Your donation can help this young boy develop the communication skills he needs to succeed. Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a difference in his life. We urge you to help Bilal with cochlear implant repair so he can reach his full potential with a functional cochlear implant. Your generosity can also enable him to access better educational and career opportunities, giving him a chance to live a successful and fulfilling life.

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Disclaimer: Transparent Hands makes sure that all the patients get surgery in time. If a patient requires urgent surgery and his/her condition is serious, Transparent Hands conducts the surgery immediately. In the meantime, his/her campaign stays active on the website until we raise the complete funding. The hospitals on our panel have complete trust in us and wait for the payments until the patient's funding is completed.

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