Help fund Saleem’s Artificial leg

Help fund Saleem’s Artificial leg

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Muhammad Saleem's Story

Saleem’s life took a sad turn after he lost his left leg. He mourns the loss of independence and feels saddened, helpless, and depressed. He also struggles to leave the house, which makes him feel alone. He has a feeling of being imprisoned. He doesn’t want to put a strain on his family. He is in need of your help to acquire a prosthetic leg so he can regain his mobility and independence. Due to a lack of funds, he is unable to get a prosthetic leg. We request that you help fund Saleem’s artificial leg, so he regains his mobility and finds some work to support his family financially.

Muhammad Saleem, a 58-year-old resident of Lahore, injured his left leg in a road accident five years ago. He was taken to the local hospital for first aid. His leg was severely crushed, and the doctors could not save it. They had to amputate his left leg below the knee. He needs a left prosthetic leg now to walk again.

He lives in a rented house with his wife and three children. He is financially dependent on his two sons due to his disability. He is not financially stable enough to pay for the prosthetic leg. He said in despair:

“Your kind and empathetic financial assistance holds immense value for me, as it will provide me with the independence I need and an opportunity to regain my confidence using a prosthetic limb. Through your graciousness, I not only have the means to support my family but also the ability to embrace life with renewed hope and self-worth.”

After exhausting all other options, he registered his case with Transparent Hands, and we are determined to help him get back on his feet. Therefore, we request that you please be generous and help fund Saleem’s artificial leg. He has placed his trust in you. Saleem hopes that a kind donor like you will make his life easier. Donate today with a big heart to restore his financial independence and self-worth.

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Muhammad Saleem's Story

Muhammad Saleem, a 58-year-old resident of Lahore, experienced a profound and tragic transformation in his life due to a severe diabetic condition. His journey began a year ago when he sought medical attention at the local hospital for inflammation and ulcers in his left foot. After a comprehensive evaluation, it was determined that Saleem was suffering from an infected diabetic foot, characterized by a spreading soft tissue infection originating from the foot ulcers.

Regrettably, the severity of his condition necessitated a critical decision: the amputation of his left leg below the knee. This life-altering procedure not only deprived Saleem of his mobility but also cast a pervasive shadow over his financial stability. The subsequent challenges he faced in acquiring a prosthetic leg to regain his independence left him trapped in a cycle of limited resources.

Desperate to overcome these challenges, Saleem turned to Transparent Hands for assistance. With our unwavering support and the generosity of donors, Saleem's left leg was fixed successfully on October 25th, 2023, under the expert supervision of Dr. Khalid Niaz at Hope Rehabilitation Centre. 

The impact of Transparent Hands on Saleem's life was immeasurable. We not only facilitated his access to crucial medical intervention but also brought much-needed attention to his case. Muhammad Saleem expressed profound gratitude to Transparent Hands and its generous donors for their compassion and assistance during his arduous journey toward recovery.

The restoration of Saleem's mobility through the provision of a prosthetic leg became a pivotal turning point in his life. With renewed determination, he began to rebuild his independence and regain his sense of self. Transparent Hands not only offered him a second chance at a fulfilling life but also provided him with the means to break free from the cycle of limited resources that had previously confined him.

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