Help Rozina to Overcome her Sight Disability

Help Rozina to Overcome her Sight Disability

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Rozina Ashfaq's Story

Rozina Ashfaq, a resilient 23-year-old resident of Multan, has been battling cataracts since childhood. The dimness and blurring of her vision, especially in her right eye, have been constant challenges in her life. Every day, Rozina has faced the frustration of not seeing the world clearly, hindering her ability to study, work, and pursue her dreams. However, she refuses to let this condition define her, and with unwavering determination, she has set her sights on restoring her vision through a life-changing surgery.

Rozina’s journey with cataracts has been filled with personal struggles and discomfort. “Living with cataracts has been like constantly walking in a fog,” Rozina shares. “I have missed out on so many opportunities and experiences because of my limited vision. It has affected my confidence and made me feel disconnected from the world around me.” Despite the difficulties, Rozina remains optimistic, firmly believing that this surgery will be a turning point in her life. With your support, I know I can overcome this obstacle and embrace a future filled with clarity and joy.”

Unfortunately, Rozina’s family is currently facing financial instability, making it difficult for them to afford the expenses associated with the cataract surgery. As the sole breadwinner for her family, Rozina understands the importance of her vision for her prospects. She is determined to seek help and is reaching out to Transparent Hands, who can contribute towards her surgical expenses. “With your support, I can regain my vision and transform my life,” Rozina appeals. “No donation is too small, and every contribution will make a significant difference in restoring my sight.”

By rallying together and extending a helping hand, we can empower Rozina to undergo the much-needed cataract surgery and enable her to see the world anew. Let us come together and be a part of Rozina’s success story, giving her the gift of sight and opening doors to a world of endless possibilities.

Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.

 TK World Group

Donated: $ 207.32

 Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Trust Hospital

Donated: $ 70.28

Rozina Ashfaq's Story

Rozina Ashfaq, a resilient 23-year-old from Multan, has faced a relentless battle against cataracts since her childhood. The persistent dimness and blurring of her vision, particularly in her right eye, have posed constant challenges, impeding her studies, work, and pursuit of her dreams. Determined to seek help, Rozina reached out to Transparent Hands, knowing that they could be her beacon of hope. Transparent Hands, with their unwavering commitment to transforming lives, swiftly came to Rozina's aid. Understanding the financial instability her family faced, her case was registered, ensuring that she would receive the necessary medical attention to overcome her vision impairment. Through the collective support of our compassionate donors, a path to a brighter future unfolded before Rozina's eyes.

Admitted to the renowned Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Teaching Hospital in Multan, Rozina was under the skillful care of Dr. Hassan Raza, an ophthalmologist with expertise in treating such conditions. On February 23, 2024, the day of the surgery, Dr. Hassan Raza successfully performed the delicate procedure, skillfully removing the faulty lens that had plagued Rozina for far too long. In their place, intraocular lens was implanted, aiming to restore her vision to its full potential.

Following the surgery, Rozina received attentive post-operative care for one day, ensuring her comfort and facilitating her journey towards recovery. With gratitude in her heart and newfound hope in her eyes, she was discharged from the hospital, ready to embark on a life transformed by the generosity of donors. Rozina's story stands as a testament to the power of collective compassion.

The dedicated donors turned her dreams into reality, allowing her to witness the world with newfound clarity. Their support not only alleviated her financial burden but also provided the opportunity for a life unhindered by visual impairments. With your support, Rozina is ready to leave her imprint on the world, empowered by the conviction that together, kindness and giving can overcome any challenge.

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