Help Rukhsana to deliver healthy baby

Help Rukhsana to deliver healthy baby

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Syeda Rukhsana's Story

Syeda Rukhsana, a 38-year-old mother from Lahore, is expecting her third child. Rukhsana is facing a crucial situation as she requires a lower-segment Caesarean section to safely deliver her baby. Without this surgical procedure, both Rukhsana and her baby are at risk.

Rukhsana visited a local hospital for a routine checkup during her seventh month of pregnancy. After reviewing her medical history and current condition, her gynecologist advised her to undergo another C-section. This procedure involves making a surgical incision in the lower segment of the uterus to deliver the baby safely. However, due to financial constraints, Rukhsana and her husband are unable to afford the expenses associated with the surgery.

Living in a small house with six other family members, Rukhsana’s husband earns a monthly income of only PKR 30,000. This amount barely covers their household expenses, leaving no room for the cost of the necessary operation. As a result, Rukhsana is not able to afford a proper diet or medication, which is taking a toll on her health. Rukhsana said it in despair:

“I am burdened by financial constraints that are putting both my well-being and the life of my unborn child at risk. Your heartfelt contribution can save us from this overwhelming uncertainty and ensure a safe delivery. Your support is the greatest gift we could receive during this challenging time.”

Rukhsana has reached out to Transparent Hands. She has placed her hopes in their support, as she has no other means of obtaining the necessary treatment. Your generous contribution can make a significant difference in Rukhsana’s life and ensure a safe delivery for her and her baby.

Your donation will alleviate Rukhsana’s worries, relieve the financial burden on her family, and bring her baby into this world safely. Your support means everything to Rukhsana and her loved ones, and they will be eternally grateful for your generosity.

Please donate towards Rukhsana’s Cesarean Section today and make a world-changing difference in her and her baby’s well-being. Together, we can ensure a successful delivery and provide Rukhsana with the care she desperately needs.

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