Help Us Keep Shameer’s Heart Beating

Help Us Keep Shameer’s Heart Beating

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Shameer Ali's Story

Before we dive into the sorry details of Shameer Ali’s ailment, please know that you can help us keep Shameer’s heart beating through your kind donations. Please donate to Shameer’s open heart surgery and save a life. 

73 years old Shameer Ali hails from Lahore. A year ago, he felt an intense pain on the left side of his chest. His sons immediately took him to a hospital. After a thorough check up, the doctor referred him to a cardiologist. Consequently, the doctor ran an ECHO test. Later, he prescribed some medicines for Shameer Ali. He willfully obliged to the prescription and doctor’s instructions.

However, due to COVID 19 and lockdowns, he could not get his medicines for two months and his condition worsened. He visited the doctor again and after consultation, the doctor advised him to undergo Angiography. As per the results of Angiography, the doctors diagnosed him with TVCAD. Triple vessel coronary artery disease is an extreme form of Ischemic Heart Disease, it develops when the major blood vessels supplying the heart get diseased due to plaque buildup.  To treat this, the cardiologist advised him to undergo a CABG surgery as soon as possible. Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting “CABG” is a major cardiac surgery which is performed to treat such worse cases of ischaemic heart diseases.

Shameer Ali cannot afford the hefty cost of his surgery. Due to his withering age he has been unable to work. Thus, he is financially dependent on his sons. His son works as a laborer and hardly earns enough to keep his household running. Therefore, we urge you to donate for this case and help us keep Shameer’s heart beating.

“My father keeps asking me to not do anything for him. He wants to die in peace now. But I am not letting him go without putting up a fight. Never.” -Shameer Ali’s Son.

After the surgery, Shameer Ali will be able to participate in normal activities without any increased risk. As a last resort, Shameer’s family has registered his case with Transparent Hands. Your small donation might be a life changing present for him. Therefore, we urge you to donate for Shameer’s surgery and help us keep Shameer’s heart beating. 

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Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.


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Shameer Ali's Story

Shameer Ali, aged 73, a resident of Lahore, was experiencing chest pains on a daily basis for the past 1.5 years. Cardiologist’s evaluation led to the diagnosis of multi-vessel coronary disease. After Angioplasty, the doctors advised him a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery to improve blood flow and oxygen supply to his heart. On 01.02.2021, he was admitted to National Hospital and Medical Centre where he underwent CABG by Dr. Ahmad Shehbaz. Keeping his age in view, Shameer Ali was kept under observation until the doctors were completely satisfied with his recovery. He was discharged from the hospital in a stable and satisfactory condition. After being taken care of at home, he is significantly healing and is eagerly looking forward to cherishing the improved quality of his life.

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