Help Zeenat Bibi Get the Life-Saving Surgery She Desperately Needs!

Help Zeenat Bibi Get the Life-Saving Surgery She Desperately Needs!

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Zeenat Bibi Muhammad Khalil's Story

Imagine being just 13 years old and living with the constant fear that every breath you take might be your last. This is the harsh reality for Zeenat Bibi, a brave young girl who has been suffering from congenital heart disease since birth. Her days are filled with symptoms like shortness of breath, cyanosis, chest pain, and even bluish discoloration of her skin and nails. Simple activities that we take for granted, like playing with friends or going for a walk, leave her breathless and exhausted.

Zeenat’s condition was only discovered when she was 5 years old, and since then, her parents have tirelessly sought the best medical care for her. After undergoing numerous diagnostic tests and evaluations, she was diagnosed with Transposition of Great Arteries (TGA), Ventricular Septal Defects (VSD), and Pulmonic Stenosis (PS). The doctors unanimously recommended that Zeenat undergo Rastelli procedure, an open heart surgery to correct all the above-mentioned congenital heart defects, as soon as possible. This surgery could be the turning point in her life, offering her the chance to lead a normal, healthy life that she has always dreamed of.

However, there is a significant hurdle that stands in the way of Zeenat’s treatment – her family’s financial situation. Zeenat lives with her parents, and her father is the sole breadwinner for their family of five. With no other sources of income than the daily wage and earning just PKR 20,000 a month, affording the cost of her surgery is an insurmountable challenge for them. They are desperate for help, as they cannot bear to see their daughter’s condition worsen day by day without the medical intervention she desperately needs. The little girl expresses herself:

“I am just a 13-year-old girl whose every breath is a struggle, and I dream of a life free from pain and limitations. Please, donate generously and help me get the open heart surgery I need to have a chance at a normal, healthy life.”

Join Transparent Hands in making a difference in Zeenat’s life through your donations. Your generous donations can help cover the expenses of Zeenat’s open heart surgery, giving her the chance to grow up, fulfill her dreams, and contribute to society. Please donate whatever you can towards Zeenat’s surgery. Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant impact on her life. Together, we can provide Zeenat with a new lease on life, filled with hope, joy, and the freedom to chase her dreams.

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