Imran Ahmed awaits Fistulectomy

Imran Ahmed awaits Fistulectomy

Imran Ahmed
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Imran Ahmad 's Story

Imran Ahmed awaits Fistulectomy. Before you go on to read the painful details of Imran Ahmed’s ailment, know that your aid can help bring his life back to normal. Therefore, we request you to please donate as much as you can.

Forty years old Imran Ahmed, a resident of Lahore, has been enduring the pain and swelling in his perianal region for the last 1 and a half years.  Over time, the swelling turned into an infectious wound and there was discharge of pus as well. Upon consultation, Imran was diagnosed with Perianal Fistula of high variety and he was advised to undergo a Fistulectomey + Seton Placement. Due to his health condition Imran is currently unemployed. His sister is a school teacher and is the only one earning in the family. Imran shared his ordeal with us in the following words:

“I can’t sit properly,  I can’t pass the stool properly, I can’t even sleep properly. This pain is not letting me do anything. It’s been a nightmare for me. I have been suffering for the past 18 months and I really want this suffering to end.” 

Imran cannot afford to go to a private hospital and cannot endure this pain anymore. He needs to be treated as soon as possible.

Imran Ahmed’s doctor referred him to Transparent Hands and now we are working to get Imran Ahmed’s surgery done. All we need is your support in the form of donations. As Imran Ahmed awaits Fistulectomy, your donation can relieve Imran’s pain.

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Imran Ahmad 's Story

Imran Ahmed, a 40-year-old resident of Lahore, had been suffering from Perianal discharge for the last one and a half years. It got infectious and became a fistula. The doctor advised him to undergo a Fistulectomy. His Fistulectomy was done and a Seton was placed. Imran came to us for Seton Tightening and replacement. For this purpose, he was sent to Lahore Care Hospital on 29-10-2021 for the procedure by Dr. Ahmed Fawad. Imran’s Seton was placed and tightened and he is now cured.

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