Donate Irshad Bibi for her Cholecystectomy

Donate Irshad Bibi for her Cholecystectomy

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Irshad Bibi's Story

Give your zakat for the surgery of this deserving lady so that she can get relief and start living a normal life.

Irshad Bibi is a 51 years old woman who lives in a rural area of Kasur with her husband, a daughter and son. Her other 4 children are married and living separately. Irshad’s family hardly manages to meet household expenses each month as her husband is the only earning member of the family. He is working as a laborer and earns around 400 rupees a day which is not sufficient to meet the day-to-day expenses.

Around 4 months ago, Irshad felt severe pain in her abdomen and also started experiencing difficulty in digesting food. She often vomits out after eating something and is facing bowel upset on a regular basis. She was diagnosed with Gall stones due to which her health was getting poor with each passing day. She went to many hospitals for treatment but every time doctor told her to undergo surgery. They never admitted her or provided free surgical treatment. This family doesn’t have enough money to pay for her surgical expenses.

Irshad is now registered with Transparent Hands and is scheduled for her surgery in a few days. Her surgery won’t be possible without your prayers and support. We request you to please donate as much as you can for her Cholecystectomy so that she can regain her health and start serving her family again.

Donate now and save the precious life of this deserving lady!

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