Jawad’s cochlear implant surgery

Jawad’s cochlear implant surgery

Zakat Eligible Muhammad Jawad
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Muhammad Jawad's Story

Muhammad Jawad has been suffering from hearing loss since birth. His parents took him to the doctor and after running a series of tests, Jawad was diagnosed with progressive hearing loss. The ENT specialist advised him to use a hearing aid device. His parents managed to get Jawad a hearing aid device and he responded well to it in his early childhood. Due to this, Jawad was able to acquire speaking skills. Jawad is a very bright student and wants to continue learning so that he can help his parents. But, unfortunately, Jawad lost his hearing device a while ago, and his hearing ability deteriorated to the point where he became completely deaf. Now the doctor has advised him to get a cochlear implant. But sadly, Jawad and his family cannot afford to pay for the expensive cochlear implant surgery due to financial constraints. Only you can make Jawad’s cochlear implant surgery possible. 

Muhammad Jawad, a 22-year-old resident of Lahore, is a student and cannot earn because of his hearing disability. His parents support him financially. His father is an electrician and his mother is a tutor. They have a combined income of just PKR 30,000. They found out about Transparent Hands through Jawad’s friend and have been connected with us. Jawad shared his distress with us in the following words:

“My parents have spent all their lives working hard to support and raise me, but I am still financially dependent on them. As an adult, it’s time for me to stop being a burden on them. This cochlear implant surgery is the only way for me to do so. Please help me!”

We have registered Jawad’s case and we are determined to help him. But this will not be possible without your contribution. Please come forward to help this young man. Donate to Jawad’s cochlear implant surgery and revive his sense of hearing.

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Disclaimer: Transparent Hands makes sure that all the patients get surgery in time. If a patient requires urgent surgery and his/her condition is serious, Transparent Hands conducts the surgery immediately. In the meantime, his/her campaign stays active on the website until we raise the complete funding. The hospitals on our panel have complete trust in us and wait for the payments until the patient's funding is completed.

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