Muhammad Ashfaq awaits Knee Prosthesis

Muhammad Ashfaq awaits Knee Prosthesis

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Muhammad Ashfaq's Story

Muhammad Ashfaq awaits Knee Prosthesis. Before diving into the comprehensive story of Muhammad Ashfaq’s ailment, know that you can help him get out of his misery by donating for his left above knee prosthesis. He is in dire need of this prosthesis placement because he is bearing a lot of discomfort in carrying out his daily routine.  Even a small donation can help him walk again.

Muhammad Ashfaq, aged 29 years, is a resident of district Swat. He was shot 12 years ago in an unfortunate event. He went to the local hospital. The doctors gave him the treatment but later on, he developed infective gangrene in his left leg wound. Infective gangrene is a type of tissue death due to a lack of blood supply. So the doctors amputated his leg above knee level to stop the gangrene from spreading. Now, he requires a left above knee prosthesis to walk normally again. He is living in his father’s house and is working as a laborer. His monthly income is PKR 7000 and he has 6 family members to support.

 “My whole family depends on me. A man should provide his family with everything. But in this condition, it is difficult for me to even feed them two times a day. So affording surgery is not possible for me. I now have my hopes tied with Transparent Hands. I hope they will help me get my surgery done.”       

 -Muhammad Ashfaq

Transparent Hands has registered Muhammad Ashfaq’s case. We are working to make his left above knee prosthesis placement possible. As, Muhammad Ashfaq awaits Knee Prosthesis, you can help Muhammad Ashfaq walk normally again so he can work and give his family a better life.
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Muhammad Ashfaq's Story

Muhammad Ashfaq, aged 29 years, a resident of Sawat, got fired in Sawat. He was taken to the hospital. Treatment was given to him but his leg got infected after sometime so the doctors had to amputate his left leg above knee level. Now, to perform his normal daily activities he required a left above knee prosthesis. For this purpose, he was sent to Hope Rehabilitation Centre where he received his new artificial leg after consultation with Dr. Khalid Niazi on 03.11.2021. He was happy to walk again freely.

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