Muhammad Manzoor’s Stent Placement

Muhammad Manzoor’s Stent Placement

Muhammad Manzoor
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Muhammad Manzoor's Story

Before you dive into the details of Muhammad Manzoor’s disease, know that your help will bring ease in his life. Therefore, we urge you to please donate for Muhammad Manzoor’s stent placement as much as you can. Even a penny can help an ailing heart.

Fifty six years old Muhammad Manzoor, a resident of Lahore suffered a heart attack a year ago. He went to the doctor for his check up and after consultation, the doctor advised him for Angiography. After the Angiography reports came, the doctor diagnosed him with Double Coronary Artery Disease (Ischemic Heart Disease). Ischemic Heart Disease is a condition of recurring chest pain that occurs when a part of heart does not receive enough blood. After the diagnosis, he was advised to undergo a Stent Placement through PCI. 

Muhammad Manzoor Ahmed is a laborer and merely earns enough to make his both ends meet. He is the only breadwinner in the family. He earns such a minimal income and he has a large family to feed. It is quite impossible for him and his family to afford the surgical expenses on his own. He told us: 

“My choices are about as tough as things get. Do I afford my treatment or do I provide bread for my family? Put yourself in my shoes and only then you will understand how difficult things are for me right now.”

The family is in extreme plight since Manzoor is the only earner of his family. In such a gloomy and dark situation, a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel still exists in the form of donations. Your single donation can decide the fate of a family in need of assistance. They are in need of your help. A family with a lot of expectations is looking forward to your donations. So please donate generously for Muhammad Manzoor’s Stent Placement.

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Muhammad Manzoor's Story

Fifty six years old, Muhammad Manzoor, a resident of Lahore suffered a heart attack a year ago. He was admitted in a public hospital and was given symptomatic treatment. After some time, he started experiencing severe chest pain. After re-evaluation, the doctor diagnosed Manzoor with Ischemic heart disease and he was advised to undergo Angiography. For this purpose, he was sent to the National Hospital and Medical Centre. His Angiography was done by Dr. Tayyab Mohyuddin on 05-11-2021. His Angiography report revealed double vessel coronary artery disease. Manzoor was discharged the same day in satisfactory condition.

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