Muhammad Zaid suffers from Sensorineural Hearing Loss 

Muhammad Zaid suffers from Sensorineural Hearing Loss 

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Muhammad Zaid's Story

Muhammad Zaid suffers from Sensorineural hearing loss .When Zaid visited our office, we were awed by his big, beautiful, bright eyes. When his mother started talking, he looked at her, and his pure smile indicated that he cannot hear or understand anything. 

Two years old Muhammad Zaid suffers from Sensorineural hearing loss. He is a resident of Gujranwala.  Having sensorineural hearing loss means that there is damage either to the tiny hair cells in  the inner ear or to the nerve pathways that lead from the inner ear to the brain. The only permanent remedy for Zaid has been advised the doctors to be a Cochlear implant. It is a surgically implanted neuroprosthetic device that will give Zaid an altered sense of sound. 

Unfortunately, Zaid’s parents cannot afford the exorbitant cost of the surgery. Zaid’s father is the only breadwinner of the family. He has a private job, and he hardly manages to earn enough for 11 family members. With a family of eleven members to raise, he is in no position to arrange for Zaid’s cochlear implant. Zahid’s mother had to say the following about their ordeal:

“It is very hard to live with this heartache every day knowing that my precious boy can’t hear the sound of his mother calling out his name. Please help my son hear the voice of my love.” 

We know now that Muhammad Zaid suffers from Sensorineural hearing loss. Your donations can support Muhammad Zaid by introducing him to the world of sound. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Zaid’s’s cochlear implant as much as you can. 

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