Omer’s Open Heart Surgery

Omer’s Open Heart Surgery

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Omer Bibi's Story

There is no way we can measure Omer Bibi’s pain. There’s a treatment for her disease but she is unable to afford it. She is eagerly awaiting the help of a generous donor like you. We urge you to donate for Omer’s Open Heart Surgery as much as you can.

Omer Bibi, a 50-year-old resident of Lahore, had been suffering from sudden onset chest pains from the last one year. After a thorough investigation, she was found to have Triple vessel coronary artery disease (TVCAD). TVCAD is an aggravated form of Ischemic Heart Disease IHD that develops when the key vessels supplying blood to the heart get blocked. To treat this life-threatening condition, the cardiologist advised her to undergo a CABG open-heart surgery as soon as possible. Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) is performed to improve blood flow to the heart.

However, the possibility of a permanent cure did not eliminate all gloom and sadness from Omer Bibi’s household as they cannot afford the hefty cost of this surgery. Omer Bibi is a diabetic, and most of their savings are spent on her treatments. Omer Bibi’s husband is unwell as well and is not able to work. Therefore, they are not able to afford the hefty cost of the surgery. Omer’s husband told us:

“We waited for a year for the pain to subside, hoping it is nothing serious. But, unfortunately, it did not. My wife is still suffering from pain and I am in great distress. Whoever is reading this, I request you to please help us.”

Omer Bibi’s family has requested Transparent Hands to help them with arranging a surgery for her. We are determined to help her in every way we can. However, we cannot do that without your help. We request you to please donate for Omer’s Open Heart surgery without any delay.

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Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.


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Omer Bibi's Story

Omer Bibi, a 50-year-old resident, had been suffering from repeated chest pain episodes for the last one and a half years. Upon consultation, the doctor advised her to undergo angiography. After her test, she was diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease and Triple Vessel Coronary Artery Disease. The doctor advised her to undergo Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery. She was admitted to National Hospital, Lahore, and her surgery was performed by Dr. Ahmad Shahbaz on 15-2-2022. She was discharged after five days of hospital stay. Her heart condition is stable now.

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