Qazi Kaleem Akhtar Qureshi’s Paraumbilical Hernia Surgery

Qazi Kaleem Akhtar Qureshi’s Paraumbilical Hernia Surgery

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Qazi Kaleem Akhtar Qureshi's Story

Before going into the depths of Qazi Kaleem Akhtar Qureshi’s illness, know that you can save him from the chronic pain he is facing. Your donation can help someone in desperate need. Donate generously so Qazi Kaleem Akhtar Qureshi’s Paraumbilical Hernia Surgery can be done.

Qazi Kaleem Akhtar Qureshi, aged 40 years, lives in a small town of district Islamabad. His life was normal two years back until one day he felt severe pain in his abdominal region. He went to the hospital and got symptomatic treatment. But the pain didn’t subside and increased with each day passing. Then the doctors evaluated him and advised some tests. After getting the results, the doctors diagnosed him with Paraumbilical Hernia and advised surgery. A paraumbilical (or umbilical) hernia is a hole in the connective tissue of the abdominal wall in the midline with a close approximation to the umbilicus and is treated usually by keyhole surgery to repair a hernia that has appeared at or around your belly button. He is a salesman and lives in his father’s house. With the small income of PKR. 16,500 and a family of four members to feed, he can’t pay the hefty cost of the surgery. Qazi Kaleem Akhtar Qureshi quoted:  

“These chronic pains make me wonder how I can feed my family now that I am not working? I don’t know how I will manage these hospital bills in these conditions.”

After his friend’s suggestion, Qazi Kaleem Akhtar Qureshi registered his case with Transparent Hands. With your help in the form of donations, together, we can arrange for his surgery and provide him a chance to lead a healthy life. Donate generously so Qazi Kaleem Akhtar Qureshi’s Paraumbilical Hernia Surgery can be done.

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