Raheem Awaits PCNL Surgery

Raheem Awaits PCNL Surgery

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Raheem Bux 's Story

Renal stones have held Raheem in their unyielding grip and have caused him unrelenting pain that prevents him from leading a healthy life. Yet, amidst the trials, he clings to a beacon of hope that much-needed surgery will empower him to provide for his beloved family once again. Raheem awaits PCNL surgery, and your donations hold the power to make a huge difference in his life. 

Raheem Bux, a 26-year-old resident of Karachi, had renal stones that had plagued his life for the last year. He went to the local hospital. After going through an evaluation and diagnostic tests, the doctor diagnosed him with renal stones. Renal stones, also known as kidney stones, are hard mineral and salt deposits that form in the kidneys. The symptoms of renal stones include severe back pain and hematuria. PCNL surgery will offer him a chance to get rid of renal stones The doctor advised him to undergo PCNL surgery. The surgery will successfully remove the kidney stones, restoring his health and vitality, and allowing him to regain his ability to work. 

The PCNL surgery is beyond his financial means, leaving him with no choice but to suffer in agony while trying to meet his family’s basic needs. He was in desperate need of financial assistance due to his mounting medical bills and other daily living expenses. He said it in a depressed tone: 

“Your heartfelt contribution holds the power to change my life’s course. With your support, I can break free from this relentless pain and embrace a future filled with hope and renewed health.”

He registered his case with Transparent Hands after exhausting all other options, and we are determined to offer the promise of a transformed life, where he could resume his responsibilities, support his loved ones, and cherish every moment without the harrowing fear of pain. Raheem awaits PCNL surgery, and your one act of kindness can provide him with a chance at a healthy life. 

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Raheem Bux 's Story

Raheem Bux, is a  26-year-old resident of Karachi whose life has been plagued by the presence of renal stones for the past year. Desperate for relief, he sought medical attention at his local hospital, where a comprehensive evaluation and diagnostic tests confirmed the diagnosis of renal stones. These hard mineral and salt deposits had caused him severe back pain and hematuria, disrupting his daily life and well-being. To offer him a chance at freedom from this burden, the doctor recommended PCNL surgery.

Unfortunately, Raheem's financial situation was dire, with mounting medical bills and daily living expenses taking a toll on his resources. Determined to find a solution, he registered his case with Transparent Hands. With their support, Raheem held onto hope for a transformed life, one where he could once again fulfill his responsibilities, and support his loved ones.

Raheem's journey to recovery began when he was admitted to Murshid Hospital,  Karachi, where Dr. Iqbal, a skilled surgeon, performed the PCNL surgery on 27-08- 2023. The procedure was a success, and Raheem's condition improved significantly. With careful post-operative care and monitoring, he was discharged from the hospital after just two days.

The impact of the PCNL surgery was profound for Raheem. The burdensome renal stones that had plagued him for a year were finally removed, granting him the freedom from pain and discomfort that he had longed for. With renewed health, Raheem could now embrace life once again, unencumbered by the limitations imposed by his condition.

Raheem expresses deep gratitude to Transparent Hands and its compassionate donors. Their unwavering dedication and financial assistance not only made the surgery possible but also provided him with renewed hope in life. The burden of medical bills and financial strain was lifted, allowing Raheem to focus on his recovery and look forward to a healthy future.

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