Rozina Khatoon’s Parotidectomy

Rozina Khatoon’s Parotidectomy

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Rozina Khatoon's Story

Rozina Khatoon is in a lot of pain right now.  Your donation can help her get the surgery she needs and relieve her pain. We urge you to please donate for Rozina Khatoon’s parotidectomy as much as you can.

Rozina Khatoon, a 31-year-old resident of Kashmor, has been experiencing a lump in front of her right ear for the last three years. She went to the hospital and the doctor gave her painkillers, but the pain didn’t subside. After some tests, the doctors diagnosed her with a right parotid gland tumor. She was experiencing extreme pain because of this tumor. The doctor then advised her to undergo a right parotidectomy. In this surgical procedure, the doctor will remove the affected part of her parotid gland.

Rozina Khatoon’s husband is a laborer and he just earns PKR 10,000 a month. With a family of six to support and a meagre income, it is very difficult for him to even provide for them. He can hardly make both ends meet. In these conditions, he can’t afford a parotidectomy as it is an expensive surgery. He told his tales of woes to Transparent Hands in the following words :

“I am a daily laborer and it is not possible for me to afford her surgery. Seeing her in so much pain breaks my heart. Everything was working just fine before her illness, but after her diagnosis, everything started to fall apart. I need your help to get her surgery done.”

After seeing her condition, her doctor referred her to Transparent Hands for help. We have registered her case and are determined to get her the surgery she needs as soon as possible. However, we need your support. Your donations can get her back on her feet. Even a small donation can go a long way. Please donate for Rozina Khatoon’s parotidectomy.

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Rozina Khatoon's Story

Rozina Khatoon, a 31-year-old resident of Kashmor, had been suffering from a lump on the right side of her face for the last three years. She went for a consultation and was treated symptomatically. The treatment did not reduce her lump and it kept on increasing in size. After further consultation with an ENT specialist, she was diagnosed with a Tumor of the Right Parotid Gland. After the diagnosis, she was advised to undergo a right Parotidectomy. Therefore, she was sent to Patel Hospital to get her procedure done by Dr. Nabeel Humayun on 16-02-2022. She was kept in the hospital for six days until she was seen progressing well. Her biopsy report revealed that she had Pleomorphic adenoma. Rozina was discharged in a satisfactory condition. She is on her road to recovery.

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