Sadaf Mehmood awaits ASARP

Sadaf Mehmood awaits ASARP

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Sadaf Mehmood's Story

Sadaf Mehmood awaits ASARP. Before you dive into the gory details of Sadaf’s ailment, please know that you can help her. Your donation, however small it may be, will change Sadaf’s life for good. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Sadaf Mehmood’s ASARP as much as you can. 

Four years old Sadaf Mehmood has been suffering from Anorectal malformation (ARM) categorized by congenital recto-vestibular fistula (RVF) ever since she was born. A congenital recto-vaginal fistula is a type of ARM characterized by the abnormal connection of the rectum to the vagina. This results in the passage of gas or feces through the vagina as it leaks through the fistulous communication. To treat this condition, Sadaf Mehmood had a colostomy when she was one year old. Now, as the second step of the procedure, Sadaf needs to undergo an ASARP. This surgery will help to make her back passage at the usual site.

While an ASARP surgery promises a normal future for Sadaf, unfortunately, Sadaf’s parents cannot afford the hefty cost of the surgery. Ever since the first wave of COVID hit, Sadaf’s father has been out of work. Thus, the family relied on financial support from their relatives. Sadaf’s father told us:

“If it were in my hands, my daughter would not have suffered even for a day. It pains me to see her not being able to play and go to school like normal kids. Please help my daughter.”

After a lot of distress and mental anguish, Sadaf’s parents have registered the case with Transparent Hands. We have assured them that we would try our best to arrange her surgery as soon as possible. But, it won’t be possible without your help. As Sadaf Mehmood awaits ASARP, Therefore, we request you to please donate for her procedure as much as you can. Donate now!

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Sadaf Mehmood's Story

Four-year-old Sadaf, a resident of Faisalabad, was born with Anorectal Malformation and Recto Vestibular Fistula. She got her colostomy done when she was one year old. Recently, she contacted us for her PSARP surgery to correct her back passage. She was sent to Ittefaq Hospital for her operation. Her procedure was performed on 21-04-2022 by Dr. Daud. Sadaf was discharged after three days of hospital stay. She is now recovering and looks forward to a bright future.

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