Sakinas struggle to get rid of Uterine fibroids

Sakinas struggle to get rid of Uterine fibroids

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Sakina Bibi's Story

Working women are the most applaud able women of our society; they manage their homes along with their profession which deserves to be acknowledged. Sakina Bibi is one of those few women who have to work as well as manage their house chores in order to make an honorable living for their life. Sadly she had to leave her source of earning because of the disease she is suffering from. It’s known as uterine fibroid; it’s a condition in which a woman experiences a sudden Swelling, internal bleeding, pain in the uterus and loses its ability to perform any task.

Doctors have advised her to go for a medical surgery on the immediate basis or she won’t be able to recover from the disease in the later age of her life but Sakina just cannot manage the expense of her treatment with an earning of mere 200 Rs/day. Now, Sakina has approached Transparent Hands with an immense hope of recovering from this condition and she wants our help.

So let the donations pour in for her treatment as much as possible, even a single rupee would make a difference!

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 Qasim Mueen

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Sakina Bibi's Story

Sakina knew the fact that her uterine fibroid was creating new complications in her life and she would not be able to get treatment at her own. Therefore, she approached Transparent Hands for her treatment, she got treated by Dr. Shahana Nadeem and recovered after her surgery. She is thankful to the Team Transparent Hands and the donor for saving her life. Now she could continue to earn a decent living for her children once again.

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