Save Aila Lukman’s Life

Save Aila Lukman’s Life

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Aila Lukman's Story

Aila Lukman is a special child who suffers from a life-threatening heart disease. She suffers every day due to it. You can help save Aila Lukman’s life by donating for her open-heart surgery.

Seven-year-old Aila Lukman, a resident of Mianwali, was born with Down Syndrome. However, Down Syndrome is not the only condition she suffers from. She has also been enduring shortness of breath on mild exertion and cyanosis since birth. Her parents took her to a doctor. Upon consultation, and after going through a number of diagnostic tests, Aila was found to have a hole in her heart and diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) is a cardiac ailment that affects newborns and children and is caused by a combination of four congenital (existing at birth) heart abnormalities. The abnormalities happen at the same time and affect how blood flows through the heart and lungs. After the diagnosis, the cardiologist advised Aila to undergo an Open Heart Surgery for Total Correction. 

Her father’s income is barely enough to make ends meet. He cannot pay for his daughter’s surgery due to financial constraints. Aila’s mother shared her distress with us in the following words:

“We were completely devastated to learn that Aila has Down Syndrome as well as a congenital cardiac problem. Our lives were already miserable and this news felt like a hurricane. Please assist us if you are reading this.”

Aila’s parents were desperate, but they finally found out about Transparent Hands. They contacted us and we registered Aila’s case. We are determined to provide her with the treatment she needs. Now, all we need is your support and generous donations to save Aila Lukman’s life. Please come forward and donate for his life-saving open-heart surgery and help her live her life to the fullest. Your donations will certainly make a lasting impact.

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Aila Lukman's Story

Seven-year-old Aila Lukman, a resident of Mianwali, was suffering from shortness of breath, cyanosis, and difficulty in walking since birth. Upon consultation, she was diagnosed with the congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot. The cardiologist advised Open-Heart Surgery for Total Correction. She was admitted to Ittefaq Hospital, Lahore, and Dr. Asim performed her surgery on 9-06-2022. She had an unusual delayed recovery from the surgery due to her Down’s Syndrome. She was discharged from the hospital after twenty days of stay. The support of the Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation made this surgery possible. Aila has recovered after her surgery.

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