Save Muhammad Saad’s heart

Save Muhammad Saad’s heart

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Muhammad Saad's Story

Muhammad Saad has been suffering from a congenital heart defect. You can help him overcome this life-threatening disease even with a small donation. Please know that your help can prolong his life. We request you to save Muhammad Saad’s heart. Saad is one of the most deserving patients in Pakistan.

Muhammad Saad, a 19-year-old resident of Karachi, has been enduring difficulty in breathing and feeling giddiness. He was diagnosed with TOF and  underwent surgery for his condition previously in 2021. But he started suffering from shortness of breath again. His parents took him for a check-up. After some workup, the cardiologists diagnosed him with VSD for which his surgery was performed successfully with the support of Transparent Hands at Agha Khan Hospital. However, he was presented with breathlessness again. His cardiac catheterization was done and the doctors diagnosed him with aortic regurgitation resulting in heart failure. He was advised to undergo aortic valve replacement as soon as possible to treat his failing heart.  

Muhammad Saad’s father sell clothes from home and he hardly earns PKR 25,000 per month. He cannot afford the hefty cost of this procedure. He barely earns enough to put food on the table for his family. Muhammad Saad’s family found out about Transparent hands and they have been connected with us. We verified and registered Muhammad Saad’s case. His father told us:

“We have been fighting this heart disease for a long time now. He has been suffering from this issue since he was a child. When he underwent surgery two years ago, we didn’t know that he would need another cardiac surgery. Please help us.”

Muhammad Saad’s case has been registereMuhad with Transparent Hands and we are determined to help him. But, this will not be possible without your support. Saad and his family have placed their hopes in your hands. Please save Muhammad Saad’s heart without any delay.

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Muhammad Saad's Story

Muhammad Saad, a 19-year-old resident of Karachi, was diagnosed with multiple heart defects. He had been experiencing shortness of breath and dizziness since birth. The parents took him to the local hospital, and the doctor advised them to get him treated at the age of nine. Unfortunately, his treatment was delayed at that age. Dr. Babur performed Saad’s first open-heart surgery for TOF repair and Pulmonary Valve Replacement in 2021. But, he could not recover from his condition and was still facing shortness of breath. The doctor re-evaluated him and diagnosed him with VSD patch dehiscence. He was scheduled for Redo Sternotomy for VSD Patch Dehiscence Repair on 28-02-2022. After the operation, doctors observed that one of his cardiac valves - Aortic valve was not functioning and needed replacement. He was admitted to Aga Khan University Hospital and his operation for Aortic Valve Replacement was performed successfully by Dr. Waris on 13-06-2022. He was discharged from the hospital after six days. He has completely recovered now.

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