Shahid Hussain has to undergo Senning Procedure

Shahid Hussain has to undergo Senning Procedure

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Shahid Hussain's Story

Shahid Hussain has to undergo Senning Procedure. Shahid Hussain, aged 8.5 years, a resident of Deer, was a lively young boy who loved playing outdoors. On multiple occasions, his parents observed that he got extremely breathless on mild exertion and his skin and nails turned blue. This became a cause of great worry for Shahid’s parents. They took him to a local hospital. The doctors there checked him thoroughly and performed an ECHO test which revealed that he was suffering from atrial septal defect, Transposition of the Great Arteries and Interventricular Septum (ASD, TGA, IVS). The cardiologist advised him to undergo an open heart surgery where the Senning procedure is to be performed. This procedure is an atrial switch heart operation which is performed for treatment of transposition of the great arteries.

Shahid’s parents had taken him to the local hospitals multiple times but no date was assigned for his surgery. Shahid Hussain has to undergo Senning Procedure. He is in an urgent need for this procedure, but financial constraint is a huge obstacle in his way to leading a healthy life. His father narrates their tale in the following manner. 

“All parents want the best for their children. We want Shahid to get the best possible treatment from the best hospital. But, we do not have the financial resources to fulfil these wishes. We hardly make both ends meet with my monthly salary. Funding for a medical procedure from my own pocket is out of the question for me.”

Shahid Hussain has to undergo Senning Procedure. His congenital cardiac defect could be repaired with your support. Your small donation will leave an invaluable impact on his life. So, do not think twice and make a generous donation for him. 

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Shahid Hussain's Story

Shahid Hussain, an eight-and-a-half-year-old resident of Lower Dir, had been enduring unimaginable breathing difficulties since birth. He was diagnosed with Transposition of Greater Arteries (TGA).The doctor advised him to undergo an Open Heart Surgery  for the Senning Procedure. His parents could not afford the procedure so they contacted Transparent Hands for help. We were dedicated to help them and with your contributions and the help of Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation, we were able to do so. Hence, Shahid Hussain was admitted to Ittefaq Hospital and got his Heart surgery done by Dr. Mohammad Asim Khan on 20-10-2021 successfully. Shahid was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Shahid Husain has now recovered and he is living with a healthy heart.

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