Suffiyan needs your help

Suffiyan needs your help

Zakat Eligible Muhammad Suffiyan
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Muhammad Suffiyan's Story

Before you read the details of Suffiyan’s case, we would like to know that even a small donation from you would mean the world to him. Suffiyan needs your help, so please donate generously without any delay.
Eight-month-old Muhammad Suffiyan lives in Khushab, Punjab. He has been suffering from severe weakness and inability to hold up his neck and limbs. Upon consultation, the doctor established delayed milestones. To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor advised an MRI of Suffiyan’s brain. Milestones are the predicted points for when a child reaches a significant stage in their development such as walking or talking. A delayed milestone is when a child has not reached a significant stage at the predicted age. Suffiyan’s parents got to know about Transparent Hands and they came to us for help. Suffiyan’s father shared his distress with us in the following words:

“I never imagined that there’ll come a time in my life when I’d be this helpless. I haven’t had an easy life and I don’t want my son to miss out on life as I did. Please help us!”

Suffiyan’s father works as a laborer and has a meager income of just PKR 12,000 a month. He is the only breadwinner in the family and has no financial support from any friends or relatives. They’re in no position to afford the cost of this procedure for their son. They have contacted us for help and we have verified and registered Suffiyan’s case.
We are determined to help Suffiyan in every way we can. But, all this will not be possible without your help and support. Please come forward to donate generously because Suffiyan needs your help. He deserves a chance at life like any other kid. Donate to this cause to make a lasting impact.

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Muhammad Suffiyan's Story

Eight-month-old Muhammad Suffiyan, a resident of Khushab, had been suffering from delayed progress. He lacks balance and muscle coordination. Upon consultation, he was diagnosed with delayed milestones. Suffiyan was advised to undergo a Brain MRI scan to determine his illness. Therefore, he was sent to Punjab Radiology services to get his Brain MRI Scan done by Dr. Tanveer Zubairi on 8-02-2022. His MRI reports revealed the possibility of Leukodystrophy. Suffiyan now awaits further medical advice from the doctor.

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