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Support Abdul Razzaq’s Cystolitholapaxy

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Abdul Razzaq's Story

Abdul Razzaq has been suffering from severe abdominal pain caused by bladder stones. This pain is also affecting his ability to work as a laborer and make a living. His family is living under miserable financial conditions. The doctor has advised him to undergo Cystolitholapaxy for the removal of his bladder stones. However, his financial condition does not allow him to pay for the surgery he needs to find relief from the pain. We urge you to support Abdul Razzaq’s Cystolitholapaxy by donating with big hearts. 

Abdul Razzaq, a 43-year-old resident of Jamshoro, Sindh, has been experiencing symptoms including stickiness in passing urine and abdominal pain for the last two years. He went to a hospital and the doctor gave him medicines for a few days and asked him to go for a CT scan. After checking the reports, the doctor advised him to get the bladder stones removed through surgery. Cystolitholapaxy is one of the most common procedures to break up bladder stones into smaller pieces and then remove them. Bladder stones are hard deposits of minerals that have built up in the bladder. 

Abdul Razzaq lives in a small village house with his four family members. He is a poor laborer and earns just PKR 12,000 per month. The bladder stones cause pain which becomes a hurdle for him as he is a laborer. The lack of money for the operation stresses his body and mind every day as he wants to live a healthy life for his family. He expressed his distress in the following words: 

“I am not able to sleep properly at night because I keep on thinking about my family and that I am unable to support them properly because of his disease. Please donate for my surgery and help me live an active life for my family.” 

Someone told Abdul Razzaq about Transparent Hands and he reached out to us to get his case registered. We have promised to get him the treatment he needs, but we can only do so with your generous donation. Please support Abdul Razzaq’s Cystolitholapaxy to bring relief to his life. 

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Abdul Razzaq's Story

Abdul Razzaq, a 43-year-old resident of Jamshoro, Sindh, had been experiencing symptoms, including stickiness in passing urine and abdominal pain, for the last two years. He visited the hospital and went through a series of investigations. After checking the reports, the doctor diagnosed him with urinary bladder stones and advised him to get them removed through cystolithopaxy. Abdul Razzaq was admitted to Isra Hospital, Hyderabad, where his operation was performed by Dr. Rajab Ali on 3-10-2022. His operation was successful, and he was discharged after four days of stay in the hospital. He is doing fine now.

We are grateful for the kind donation. Your support helps us achieve our mission to assist deserving patients with surgeries. Your support is invaluable to us.

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