Support Ejaz’s Lateral Sphincterotomy

Support Ejaz’s Lateral Sphincterotomy

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Ejaz Ali's Story

Ejaz Ali, a 38-year-old resident of Sindh, has been battling with a condition that has brought him immense pain and discomfort for the past two years. Ejaz suffers from bleeding and constipation, making every bowel movement a painful experience. He has sought diagnosis from local doctors, who have provided temporary relief through medications. However, the relief was short-lived, leaving Ejaz desperate for a long-term solution. In his search for affordable medical care, Ejaz went to a nearby hospital, where a doctor diagnosed his condition with Fistula in Ano and recommended lateral sphincterotomy surgery.

Ejaz’s medical history does not reveal any specific prior incidents or conditions that could have caused his current ailment. Despite his best efforts to manage his condition, Ejaz’s financial circumstances have become a significant barrier to accessing the necessary treatment. As a laborer, he earns a monthly income of only 20,000 PKR, barely enough to meet his family’s basic needs. Living in a rented house and supporting three children, Ejaz finds it impossible to bear the cost of the required surgery. He said it in a desperate tone:

“I desperately need your help. For the past two years, I have been living in constant agony due to my condition of bleeding and constipation. Every time I use the restroom, I experience unbearable pain. I cannot afford the cost of the surgery. Your contribution would mean the world to me and help me reclaim a life free from this pain and discomfort.”

Ejaz’s hopes for a pain-free future lie in the hands of compassionate individuals like you. By contributing to Ejaz’s campaign, you can make a profound impact on his life. Your support will enable him to undergo the surgery, a procedure that promises long-lasting relief from his painful symptoms. He dreams of being able to live a normal life, free from the constant agony and discomfort caused by his condition. Your donation can turn this dream into a reality.

Let us come together to uplift Ejaz from the burden he carries. Your generosity can bring a glimmer of hope to his life, providing him not only with physical relief but also with the opportunity to enjoy precious moments with his loved ones.

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