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Support Raheema’s Hearing Restoration

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Raheema Bibi's Story

A bright and spirited three-year-old girl named Raheema from Kashmoor is spending her life in complete silence due to her auditory inability to respond to sounds around her. Her world is empty without the familiar voices and laughter of loved ones. Like a normal child, Raheema also wants to own the precious gift of hearing, a chance to fully immerse herself in the symphony of life that surrounds her.

Raheema’s life took a turn when her family sought medical advice, hoping for a solution that would grant their daughter the ability to hear. It was through this journey that they discovered the transformative power of cochlear implant surgery. This surgical procedure involves the implantation of a device that bypasses the damaged parts of the ears, directly stimulating the auditory nerve and unlocking the world of sound for Raheema.

Do you want to give the precious gift of hearing?

The financial reality Raheema’s family faces fills their hopes and dreams with uncertainty. She lives in a rented house with her parents. Her father is only earning a hand in the family with a monthly income of 35,000 PKR. His father struggles to make ends meet. After paying the rent and utility bills, they have limited funds for food and day-to-day expenses. His father has no other source of income, so he cannot afford the surgical expenses for Raheema’s life-saving surgery.

Raheema’s father carries the weight of his daughter’s silent world in his heart. He said in a low voice:

“My love for Raheema knows no bounds, and I dream of a future where she can freely communicate, deeply connect with loved ones, and embrace the world with open arms. It is only possible with financial support. “

Now, we have the opportunity to come together as a community, to extend our hands in compassion, and to support Raheema’s journey towards hearing. With our collective efforts, we can raise the necessary funds to make her cochlear implant surgery a reality.

Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.


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Raheema Bibi's Story

Raheema, a 3-year-old girl from Kashmoor, has been mute since birth. She couldn't hear the enchanting melodies of the world around her. Raheema's life took a hopeful turn when her family sought medical advice, leading them to explore the possibility of cochlear implant surgery.

Yet, her father faced a daunting obstacle: the financial burden of the surgical expenses. Determined to find a solution, he contacted Transparent Hands. Through the generous support of donors, Raheema's dreams began to take shape.

Raheema was admitted to GIMS Hospital, Gambat, where Dr. Maqbool, a skilled surgeon, installed the internal component of the cochlear implant on February 20, 2024. After two days, she was discharged from the hospital, brimming with newfound hope.

Guided by the expertise of dedicated healthcare professionals and the unwavering kindness of the donors, Raheema embarked on a path of rediscovery. Within a span of six weeks, the external implant was installed, accompanied by scheduled speech therapy sessions that promised to unlock the wonders of sound once more.

Raheema's journey was not solely about learning to hear; it was also about finding her voice. Each therapy session became a stepping stone, leading her toward the mastery of language and communication. With patience and unwavering determination, she began to open doors to a world where her thoughts and feelings could be shared and understood. Through this incredible process, Raheema fostered deeper connections and enriched her journey of self-discovery.

The story of Raheema radiates a profound sense of hope, illuminating the path for families facing similar challenges. It signifies her leap towards a world resonating with the richness of sound – a world ripe with opportunities for connection, communication, and personal growth, not only for Raheema but for her entire family. In Raheema's tale, we witness the immense power of unity and empathy. And as Raheema's voice soared, it became a beacon of hope for others too.

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