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Support’s Shamim Medical Management

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Shamim Akhtar's Story

Shamim Akhtar, a 61-year-old resident of Karachi, is battling multiple health issues that have left her in dire need of immediate medical management. She recently visited the hospital with a list of complaints that included rheumatoid arthritis, an acute illness of dengue, a persistent skin infection, multiple bruises on her body, and swelling in her wrists. Her condition is deteriorating rapidly, and she requires immediate medical management to alleviate her suffering, including oral medications, painkillers, and treatment to relieve the skin infection. Your support is crucial to covering the costs of her treatment. Please donate now.

However, Shamim’s son, who works in a private job, finds himself unable to bear the financial burden of his mother’s medical treatment and management alone. The cost of the necessary medications and healthcare services is beyond his means, leaving him feeling helpless and desperate to find a solution. Shamim’s son understands the importance of prompt medical intervention for his mother’s well-being, but he is trapped in a situation where his limited resources are insufficient to meet her urgent needs.

Shamim’s son, with a heavy heart, appeals to the donors in the following words:

“I humbly implore for any financial support to ease my mother’s health journey, providing her relief from pain and restoring her vitality. Your generous contribution can make a profound impact, bringing hope and healing to her life. Together, let’s empower my mother to overcome her health challenges.”

In the face of this challenging circumstance, his son contacted Transparent Hands to register his mother’s case on an urgent basis. We understand Shamim’s health struggles and have requested that the generous donors come forward and provide assistance. Every contribution, big or small, can become a beacon of light in Shamim’s fight for health and hope. Together, we can alleviate her suffering, restore her health, and give her a chance to reclaim her vitality.

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Shamim Akhtar's Story

Shamim Akhtar, a 61-year-old resident of Karachi, found herself battling multiple health issues that had left her in a state of desperation. She faced the challenges of rheumatoid arthritis, an acute illness of dengue, a persistent skin infection, multiple bruises on her body, and swelling in her wrists. Her condition was deteriorating rapidly, and immediate medical management was crucial to alleviate her suffering.

With the burden of mounting healthcare expenses beyond their means, Shamim and her son felt helpless, desperately seeking a solution. In their time of need, they reached out to Transparent Hands, an organization dedicated to providing medical assistance to those in urgent need. The son registered Shamim's case, hoping for a ray of hope to shine upon them.

Their prayers were answered when Shamim was admitted to Patel Hospital in Karachi on 5-08-2023. The medical team worked tirelessly, providing the necessary care and treatment to address her ailments. For two days, Shamim underwent successful medical management, receiving oral medications, painkillers, and treatment for her skin infection.

Gratefulness fills Shamim's heart as she looks back on her journey. She expresses her deepest gratitude to the selfless donors who made her treatment possible, through their generous contributions to Transparent Hands. It is their compassion and support that transformed her dire situation into a success story of hope and healing.

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In the face of adversity, Shamim's son had made the courageous decision to seek help, and the kindness of strangers came to their rescue. She extends her heartfelt thanks to all the donors who played a significant role in her recovery. Their generosity has made a lasting difference in her life, reminding her that compassion knows no boundaries. Shamim's story stands as a testament to the power of collective action and the profound impact it can have on the lives of those in need.

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