Tasleem Ali awaits Hernioplasty

Tasleem Ali awaits Hernioplasty

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Tasleem Ali's Story

Tasleem Ali awaits Hernioplasty. Tasleem Ali, aged fifty six years is a resident of Karachi.  She is a widow and is living with her son. Tasleem has been enduring pain for the last eight years, initially when she consulted a doctor, she was diagnosed with Paraumbilical Hernia. She circled back and forth to different hospitals. But she could not secure an early appointment anywhere due to the overburdened healthcare system. When her pain become a little  unbearable, she went for her consultation again. 

After consulting with her doctor, Tasleem was advised to go for hernioplasty immediately. Since she couldn’t afford the expense of this procedure she was very upset. She talk talked to her neighbour about it. Later that neighbour’s son told Tasleem about Transparent Hands. Soon she visited, and got her case registered with us. While talking to us, Tasleem shared her story in the following words. 

“I had lost all hope until a neighbor told us about Transparent hands. This organization is now my only hope.”

Now that Tasleem has been connected with Transparent Hands, all she needs is your unwavering support. Tasleem Ali awaits Hernioplasty. Your financial assistance will help her get the recommended surgery. Please contribute as much as you can.

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Tasleem Ali's Story

Tasleem Ali, a 56-year-old resident of Karachi, had been suffering from pain in her central abdomen for the last eight years of her life. Upon consultation, she was diagnosed with Paraumbilical Hernia. The doctors advised her to go for a Hernioplasty. But due to financial constraints, her family could not afford the procedure. They contacted Transparent Hands and Tasleem’s case was registered. Hence, she was sent to Darul Sehat Hospital for her Hernioplasty. Her procedure was performed by Dr. Asif Qureshi on 08-10-2021. She was discharged after twelve days of hospital stay. Because of your donations, Tasleem Ali is now cured.

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