Unstable Heart Condition of Asif

Unstable Heart Condition of Asif

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Asif Ali's Story

Children are just like our own hearts wrapped in someone else’s body.  We do not have the courage to see them hurt or watch them suffer as every kid deserves to have a happy childhood. Sadly, in our country that privilege is just reserved for the children of upper and elite class society.  Children that are born below that class, tend to start earning at the young age in order to help their father in earning. 

Asif is one of those many kids. He is an 11 years old child who has 3 brothers and 2 sisters and all of them go to a nearby school in his village, named as Ghotki. Asif wanted to support his father by working with him at the barn but his plans to help his family has been demolished by the unfortunate condition of his health. Asif has Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) in his heart. It is a common heart defect that is present in a person at the time of birth. It separates the heart’s lower chambers and allows blood to pass from left to the right side of heart which makes heart to work harder.

His condition is not stable as he has been suffering from this hell for the past three years. Doctors have said that it’s high time for Asif’s surgery and it should be done on immediate basis. He experiences difficulty in walking, breathing and sleeping due to constant fatigue and weakness.

Asif’s father is not rich enough to save his son’s life, which is why; he has approached the global community through the platform of Transparent Hands. He is certain that someone is going to help his son and all of his hopes are not going to shatter. 

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Asif Ali's Story

  M. Asif Ali 11 years old boy presented with shortness of breath and fatigue especially on exertion. He was diagnosed with supravalvular Aortic Stenosis (AS) and was advised surgical repair. His surgery was performed through Pakistan Children Heart Foundation in Ittefaq Hospital on 21-06-16 by Dr Salman A. Shah . His Patch Aortoplasty was done and supravalvular AS was relieved. He stayed for 12 days in hospital right from his definitive work up till complete recovery from operation. He was discharged after full recovery and relieved from his symptoms.

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