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Unsuccessful series of surgeries

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Umer Rabbani's Story

A troubled heart feeds on doubts and insecurities; you become suspicious of your outlook towards life when you have to go through the hard times. In those darkest times of your life, the only thing that gets you through is hope; and persistent courage.

Umer’s life is an example of such incidents. He had given up all hope when he met a road accident two years back & discovered that his right leg got fractured. It happened so suddenly that he didn’t know what to do with life anymore. He was unable to walk on his feet; therefore, he couldn’t continue earning for his family.

He was taken to a local hospital after the accident where his first surgery was performed. A metal rod was placed inside his leg in the first surgery but it didn’t work for him at all and a second surgery was performed in the same hospital. The doctor placed an iron cage around his leg but still there was no relief for him.

Umer was in excruciating pain and he didn’t know what to do with it. After a series of unsuccessful surgeries, he decided to opt for help & approached Transparent Hands.  His first orthopedic surgery was done from the on panel hospital of Transparent Hands and he was advised exchange of his fixator to clear infection.

Umer has to undergo one last operation which could heal his leg completely. He has been through a lot but now is the time that we should help him in getting relief. 

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Umer Rabbani's Story

Umer Rabbani 33 years old got replaced his Fixator a few months ago because of non healing Left Femur fracture due to infection. His bone infection is clear now and this time his osteotomy was done to lengthen the bone which had turned shorter. His surgery was done at Naseer Hospital on 1st June 2016. He has recovered well with regular follow ups.

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