Urs Talib awaits Angioplasty

Urs Talib awaits Angioplasty

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Urs Talib's Story

Urs Talib awaits Angioplasty. Urs is a seventy six years old man who resides in Khairpur. A little time back he felt intense pain in his chest. He has also been facing breathing difficulty since then. Urs was initially taken to local doctors where he has been prescribed medicines for temporary pain relief. Even the medicine didn’t bring him much relief. Gradually his pain became unbearable and his family had to take him to Isra Hospital. He stayed there for a while. After running through some tests he was advised by his cardiologist to undergo Angioplasty. 

Urs lives in huts with his wife and their only caretaker is his nephew who works as a security guard. Urs mentioned his ordeal to us in the following words. 

“I am an old man and my body cannot take this immense pain, I have no one who can afford this surgery so I ask Transparent hands to please help me.”

A relative told Urs about Transparent hands. We are determined to help Urs Talib, but without your donations it is impossible. Urs Talib awaits Angioplasty. We request you to help as much as you can. Your smallest donation can help him get a healthy life. 

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