Wali awaits Leg Prosthesis

Wali awaits Leg Prosthesis

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Wali Khan's Story

Wali awaits Leg Prosthesis. Before you proceed on to read the heart wrenching story of Syed Wali Khan, please know that your smallest contribution means a lot to him. Therefore, we would urge everyone reading this to please donate as much as you can as Wali awaits his prosthesis.

Syed Wali Khan, aged thirty-five years, is a resident of Waziristan. Wali’s life completely changed seven years ago when he got badly injured in a missile blast. His leg was injured beyond repair, and he was bleeding insanely. To save his life, doctors had to amputate his left leg below the knee level. Wali got to know about Transparent Hands through an ad banner and contacted us immediately in hopes of getting a prosthetic leg.

Wali lives with his wife and their four children at a relative’s house. Due to Wali’s condition, he has been unable to earn for years now. They rely on financial assistance for their basic needs. They are already facing difficulties in putting food on the table. They cannot afford this surgery in current conditions. Wali shared his ordeal with us in the following words:

“Life was not easy but this tragic incident has made it more difficult. Having to see my family struggling to manage their most basic needs tears my heart into pieces and leaves me in a trauma. I might never recover from this unless I am back on my feet, providing them with what they require. Please help me.”

Fortunately for Wali, his case has been verified and registered with Transparent Hands. We are always happy to assist people like Wali Khan. As Wali awaits Leg Prosthesis, we would request you to contribute as much as you can. Play your part in helping Wali get back on his feet.

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Wali Khan's Story

Syed Wali Khan, a 35-year-old resident of Banno, got his leg badly injured in a blast. He went to the hospital and the doctor advised a left below-knee amputation. After the amputation, he needed an artificial leg to run his daily errands. For this purpose, he was sent to Hope Rehabilitation Center where he received his new prosthetic leg. His artificial leg placement was done by Dr. Khalid Niazi on 02.02.2022. You helped him walk independently again.

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